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Dulce De Leche Honey Cake

There is no introduction perfect enough to describe the magnificent taste of our dulce de leche h...

There is no introduction perfect enough to describe the magnificent taste of our dulce de leche honey cake. Of all the cakes Team Saffron has ever made, this is the toughest to make. The key ingredient of this cake is….patience. We’ll try our best to explain its flavour, and we truly hope that it does this cake justice.

We’ll begin with the layers. This tower of goodness has TEN layers of decadent and insanely delicious honey cake sheets. The fragrance of our German Wildflower honey is brought to surface from our special formulation of safely “burnt honey”. We understand how this may seem contradictory; how does burnt honey even taste good? Isn’t it weird? The answer is yes it is absolutely delectable and no it is not weird in the slightest! Each layer is tediously made from a special dough batter that is prepped to perfection. We can almost smell it just writing about it.  

Now for our cream! Our decadent airy cream is comprised of homemade Dulce de Leche and traces of burnt honey. So what exactly IS Dulce de Leche? This smooth golden confection has roots in Latin America. It directly translates to candy made of milk! The process of making homemade Dulce de Leche is extremely long-winded. A full seven to eight hours is required to attain the best sweet brown hue. The taste of this caramelised milk is elevated through the addition of light sea salt. Our burnt honey adds a unique and unbelievably mouthwatering fragrance to this cake. 

The magic of this cake comes through after a night of resting in the fridge. We’ve added spikey toffeed hazelnuts covered in gold dust for a little extra zhoosh! Overall, our most exciting cake yet! 

For this particular cake please do place your order at least 3-4 days prior to delivery date! 
Available as two and three pounds. Lasts up to 5-6 days in the fridge. 

Saffron Café Bangkok exclusively utilises organic, unbleached flour and organic free-range eggs. Our products are made-to-order to maximize freshness. 

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