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Our Story

The Safran Café was founded by Marisa and Prabjote Kaur in early 2020. With background experience in wellness, baking, marketing, business and management, this dynamic duo quickly identified the value and need for luxury artisanal products in Bangkok. 
The Safran Café specialises in unique cake blends with Asian, European, and Middle-Eastern influence. With roots in Bangkok, Thailand, our artisanal pastry chefs combine organic ingredients for quality luxury taste. The online café utilises old age herbs, flowers and spices with contemporary recipes for a delectable palette experience. At the heart of The Safran Café lies the notion of globalisation; uniting different cultures through culinary arts.
We are constantly on the lookout for cakes from locations around the world. This way, we can bring them to you... straight to your doorstep. 
The Safran Café exclusively utilises organic, free range eggs. Our flours are organic, unbleached and wholesome. All cakes are freshly made by hand to minimise wastage. 
With Love,
Marisa And Prabjote xxx
Prabjote Kaur (Chef, Chief Operational Director, Logistics Director, Public Relations)
Marisa Kaur (Chef, Chief Marketing Director, Creative Director, Social media Manager)

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